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Ultramarine Blue for Plastic Industry

Coloration of Plastics is a key process which is mainly carried out to improve Plastics’ aesthetics and to enhance Plastics’ performance in use .From the very beginning of the history of Plastics, inorganic pigments have very well fitted into the coloration of such material due to their excellent general .

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Paint Industry
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Paper Industry

Ultramarine Blue has application in the paper manufacturing process namely the whitening of cellulose pulp and the coloration of the outside coating on colored papers.

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Ultramarine Violet

ULTRAMARINE VIOLETS are made by chemical conversion process of selective particle size Ultramarine Blues.The overall chemical structure is not changed, but there are significant changes in the chromatic values. By Chemical modification, the red blue coordinates in the colour system changes, which results in Ultramarine violet of either bluer or redder undertone. However, it retains its excellent chemical and functional performance of Ultramarine blue.

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Ultramarine Blue for Ink Industry
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Laundry & Textile Industry

Detergents incorporate Ultramarine Blue in their formula to obtain best whiteness results and to correct the natural or produced by wear, yellowing in textile fibres. This formula typically contains blue granules that have the Ultramarine Blue already incorporated. Ultramarine Blue is able to enhance the whiteness of textile fibres because it absorbs yellow wavelengths and does not reflect them, making the fabric look whiter due to such an effect.

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Ultramarine Blue Powder

We export the best quality Ultramarine Blue powder which is made of optimum quality raw materials, procured from the best indigo farms from all over India. Our product is highly useful for dyeing purposes. Ultramarine blue color evenly without leaving any blotch marks on clothes or fabrics.

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Pigments for Rubber Industry

Ultramarine blue pigment shows many advantages when used in rubber compounds. The shades obtained are bright at various pigmentation levels and also quite fast to light. The pigments for rubber industry being insoluble in nature does not bleed or fade in stretchable rubber uses.

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